Hi there! Welcome to my personal visual playground to showcase some of the works I ‘ve done. I am a web developer/ web designer since 2002. I hold a B.Sc. in computer Science and A.S. in Web Developmet. I have unhealthy obsession about creating a stunning web applications. I enjoy every part of it; from sketching to creating complicated database relationships.

I am a perfectionist and detailed oriented. My goal is to create user friendly, clean, and flawless websites.

What special about me is I stand where code and design intersect.
What I love is drawing, reading books, music, watching TV series and reality show, anime (and I am so picky in what I watch), France, and drinking latte.
What I hate is cooking, insects, and ugly and outdated websites.

My sincere gratitude to…

My mom, she taught me how to be eager to learn.
My dad, he was the first one who put crayons in my hand and show me how to draw.
My husband, he is a true artist, he never fails to keep inspiring me.